Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Hour(?) a Day Challenge –4 PM


I predicted this the moment I started this challenge. I knew I would stop somewhere along the way because I just couldn’t see myself coming back every hour to post something. I could have easily posted a bunch of photos and timed it throughout the day but I wanted to be more honest than that. The challenge for today was afterall, a photo throughout your day, right? And I chose to do it hour-by-hour –what a dumb decision that was.

So anyways, if you haven’t noticed by now I skipped two hours. I was having lunch and finishing up laundry so~ yeah. My hunger and chores was more important than this challenge that has kicked my butt. I will still post photos throughout the day but only if I’m not doing something of importance at that moment. My guess is three more photos… tops.

Don’t you just hate it when balloons get stuck up on your 12 feet ceiling? No? Me neither. But this here balloon has been up there for almost three six weeks now!


  1. Just stopping by as a fellow may blogger, I love balloons, not if they are stuck to the ceiling though....loving your signature tool, it looks very cool. I want one!

    1. Hi Rowena, I sent you an email regarding the signature! Hope it helps!

  2. i can't wait to see how long it will take to deflate? ( :