Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Hour a Day Challenge – 8 PM


Donuts. I’ve been craving donuts so much the past few days.

Okay, calling all pregnant women and women who have experienced pregnancy! I have a quick question! Have you ladies had different cravings that changes every one, two, or three weeks? Because that’s how it’s been with me during this pregnancy! So. Weird.

Anyways, it’s donuts this week (it was Mexican food about two weeks ago) and my awesome Husband Ariel brought these on the way home from work. This man worked 13 hours today fixing planes and he remembers to bring home donuts. My heart flutters for him!!!

There are actually two boxes but this box had the variety. The other one was the regular glazed donuts and the ones I actually had in mind so I’m not neglecting the other box… the sprinkled donuts was just really pretty and screaming for attention.

Thanks again Ariel, you’re freaking-super-duper-fragilistic-expealidocious (no idea how to spell that, I’ve never seen Mary Poppins!) awesome! I love you, love you, love you soooooooo much!




  1. This is how my cravings were with all three of my kids. I would go two to three weeks eating strawberries like no other, then it would go to hot pockets, then it would go to ice cream.. whatever. But yes, I didn't just eat something once and be on my way.

    1. That's how I am with this pregnancy! Thank you for sharing, I was beginning to think I was a weird one.