Thursday, May 16, 2013


I’m a little late on this post today because I really couldn’t think of anything difficult for the life of me. I have the backaches, food aversions, mood swings (this one is more difficult for my Husband, I think), the fat ankles, and lack of energy but the pros of pregnancy outweighs everything. I am so much more comfortable in my body—metaphorically speaking of course—and powerful because of what a woman’s body is capable of.

But because I didn’t want to be a snooty woman with claims to no troubles in life, I really thought hard to find something when I realized that it’s my attitude that keeps my life simple and happy.

I’ll be honest, I have the tendency to freak out over the smallest things but my overall outlook on life is positive. When something bad happens to me, which of course has happened, I like to tackle it head on and fix it before it gets out of hand. However, if it’s something beyond my power—something no amount of effort or time could fix—I simply let it go and tell myself “I deserve to be happy and will be so”. I don’t linger or hold onto the cause of my unhappiness and simply let it go.

I have surrounded myself in all things positive, loving, and peaceful that I’m intoxicated by it. I live with optimism in my heart and even with my tendency to question everything, I always look for the good of it all. Whenever I get affected by someone else’s negativity or even by a friend who just needed to relieve all of their problems to me, I find time to reset myself by finding peace and quiet to meditate on everything that I’ve been blessed with. I understand that nothing in the world is perfect but know that there is beauty in everything.


I also take time to evaluate myself to see if there are any room for improvements and trust me, there’s always something. This helps me keep myself humble and grateful for all the joy in my life and encourages the changes I’ve made to keep it this way.

I didn’t realize that this entry would sound so spiritual-ish but here it is everyone!

PS—I would like to thank my Husband, Daughter, Mom, Dad, and In-laws for dealing with me during my pregnancy. I know I’m a little difficult to handle at times but none of this could be this easy for me without you all. Thank you so, so, so much.

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