Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Photo of Myself

I know it’s kind of cheesy putting up a photo of you and your Husband up as your "favorite photo” but as I was looking through my file of endless photos, none came close to this. This candid shot was taken a short time before my Husband and I started dating so long ago.

My Husband and I met at a local library in the year 1999. I was in my last year in Jr. High and he was a Junior in Senior High. We became two people who knew each other by name with an occasional greeting every now and then. We soon ended up attending the same Sr. High school and we became close friends. Him being the intelligent, charming, and kind man that he was (and is) it was a no brainer why I was attracted to him. But there was something else about him that I was so drawn to that I couldn’t put my finger on until a few years into dating. It was merely an attraction between soul mates.

Back from throwing up yet? Welcome back!

They say pictures speak a thousand words and although nothing special was happening the moment this photo was taken, this photo speaks of the connection between two souls that were created just for each other.

That’s how I like to think so anyhow. ;) Here’s a baggy in case you need to hurl some more.

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