Saturday, August 17, 2013

our wedding anniversary adventure: Part 2—August 3-6, 2013


group photo

Great Wolf Lodge was an experience all its own. I’ve been to my fair share of water parks and although this place was small by comparison, it was an adventure haven for T and O. Being pregnant, I was very limited to what I felt comfortable with doing and missed out on most of the excitement this place had to offer but I had a splendid time nonetheless! Plus it gave me the opportunity to get some memorable shots of our fun and adventure at the Great Wolf Lodge of Grand Mound, WA!

T and A Beautiful T!T O and A JOAT

This photo is one of my favorite because Ariel fell off the raft on one of their bigger slides half way down! The expression on each of their faces tells a story of the event.

O with his wandT becomes a Master Magi 
MagiQuest was a whole lot of cardio and I’m sure I came back home with a nicely toned butt thanks to running up and down the stairs. It even wore out my nephew and he puts the energizer bunny to shame. Trina was very determined in finishing the quest and was able to do so before we left for Portland so she’ is now a Master Magi! Upon finishing the quest she had other children run up to her for assistance in finishing theirs so it was nice to see that she made friends in the wild chaos of determined little Magis on a mission.

O and T ready to play some putt putt golfAriel and the glowing frogsT at the arcadeGlitter tattoo

In all I had a blast at the Great Wolf Lodge. I do wish I could have screamed my head off in excitement with the kids going down the big slides but it was just as nice seeing the huge smiles on their faces. I did enjoy some quiet time to myself when all the children in the building went to bed in the lobby with a book and was surprised at the energy I had the next day with very little sleep. I was a freaking trooper I tell ya!

PS. The Paw Pass was so worth it! It came with just about everything a child would need to really get the full experience of Great Wolf Lodge. If you are staying for only a night however, I suggest that you opt out because it took us a good few hours of our second day to check off everything the pass had to offer.

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