Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nesting Phase

Ariel loves it, I think my Father-in-law appreciates it, and the kids are driven crazy by it.

I’ve been exterminating dust bunnies like nobody’s business the past few weeks. This house? I have conquered it with a mop in one pink rubber gloved hand and a duster in the other. I have crowned myself with a maid’s hat and donned myself with an apron worthy of the dirt of this house.

Ha…. kidding. I have a steam mop so it makes mopping helluva lot easier and I’d look silly in a maid’s hat.

Point is, I have just entered the third trimester of pregnancy and although I find myself walking up and down the stairs a lot slower than my 17yo dog, this house looks so good that my Mom would be proud.

eat clean and work out | via Tumblr

This photo has nothing to do with this post but I can’t wait until I can try this out! Just imagine the balance and strength it must take to keep yourself from tipping over sideways… or a crazy person who cannonballs smack in the middle.

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