Wednesday, August 14, 2013

our wedding anniversary adventure: Part 1—August 2, 2013

Skybox passes

Ariel was awarded Honor Guard of the Quarter (let me brag a little and say that he was nominated for this twice!) and was given these passes amongst other things. It was the only rainy day that weekend but with Washington State being uber sunny this summer, it actually felt quite refreshing. I’ve never been to Sea Fair before so I didn’t know what to expect but the free food (and free alcohol for Ariel), a private sheltered area away from the crowds, and front row seats to hydroplanes wooshing by was exciting. I took in all of Sea Fair that day by exploring the entire ground as I possibly could while getting soaked in the rain and waddling happily like a little penguin with free stuff I will never find use for.

Pit AccessAriel Moidon’t mind the hat. I actually had a really cute outfit on but it started to rain and had to put on the sweatshirt I so happened to have in the trunk.

colorful cookies and cakes dedicated folks sitting in the rain
before it started to rain we sat right where these girls are sitting. If it was a sunny day it would have been such great seats! But as you can see, these folks are true Washingtonians-Sea Fair lovers because they fought through the rain like a champ.

at the pit 
I’ve never seen a hydroplane up close before so having access to the pit was pretty sweet! Wait, let me rephrase that… I’ve never seen a hydroplane before so having access to the pit to see these beauties up close was pretty sweet.

hydroplanes in action 

It really would have been super if the weather was nicer but once again, it felt refreshing to have some rain and it was cozy with the sheltered area. Thanks Albert Lee Appliances for that by the way and thank you to the Major who provided us with these passes!

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