Saturday, April 13, 2013


Sometimes I forget my love for photography until I give myself the time to open up my laptop and indulge myself in the unedited photos I took weeks, and sometimes even months prior. I am by no a great photographer but it excites me to know that it's MY work. Heck, I'm not a very good sketch artist, painter, or a musician so the ability to click and shoot a memorable print satisfies me.

I'm usually motivated by the success of others and have a decent list of photographers I look up to. So many of these photographers are from my local area and it surprises me that I have yet to chase them down like a crazy Belieber would do to Justin.

About the photos, these were taken on one of our random visit to the beach waterfront. I don't think there's a single swim-able beach here in Washington State. If there is one and I am mistaken, please feel free to point it out. I would love to visit the place!

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