Monday, September 9, 2013

31 weeks


Hey, Fetus in the womb.

You’re not getting any more space than what you already have. It doesn’t help to shove your limbs in organs I sorta need to sorta function.

Please be a little more gentle.


Your Loving Host aka Your Mom.

It used to be such a joy to feel his little kicks. It used to be so freaking cool seeing my stomach twitch from his movements.

But I’m a little scared now.

I still have 9 more weeks to go and his kicks HURT. They hurt so much that I’m actually jabbing back to keep him from putting his limbs where they shouldn’t be. Like up my ribs. I’m pretty sure I’m bruised from the inside.

It’s become a ritual to empty my bladder before leaving the house but in less than half-an-hour time I’ll feel him repositioning himself and whaddayaknow, I have to pee.

I also can’t pick anything up from the floor without grunting like an old woman with a terrible backache.

I’m also finding it difficult to squeeze by. Mostly because there’s no sucking this baby in.

He also likes to do in-place somersaults, frog kicks, and doggy paddles. That’s what they feel like at least…

I can only sleep on my sides because I can hardly breathe when I try to sleep on my back. My shoulders are starting to feel cramped up now.

I don’t necessarily hate being pregnant, but I’m not enjoying it wholeheartedly either. This trimester is taking its toll on me!


  1. Looks like he is going to be bigger than Trina was haha

    1. Such a scary thought.. That or maybe he's all Ariel. Ariel can't sit still unless he's watching something on the History Channel (all the shows based in Vegas like Pawn Stars and the car thing from Count something-something). Other than that he's always up and about. That means I'm going to be chasing this kid everywhere... :(