Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Two days ago was garbage pick-up day so there were garbage cans lined up on the sidewalk waiting to be emptied. As Nemo and I’m walking to her school, we pass by a really putrid garbage can.

Nemo: “Ew, that was a putrid stench.”

Me: “You couldn’t say ‘smelly’ or ‘stinky’ like normal kids? Maybe just put the two together and say ‘stinky smell’?”

Nemo: “That’s what little kids say Mommy.”

Putrid was the word of the day folks.

Nemo is what G-diddy (her Godfather) called Trina when she was an infant. She shall be known as Nemo from here on out on my blog.

Also keep in mind that I’m not really serious about her choice of words. I was just commenting to what I thought was cute. I’m proud that her vocabulary is above her grade level and wouldn’t want it any other way so you can lower that chin now.

P.S. I was without Internet service the entire past week so I haven’t been posting lately! I MISSED YOU DEAR BLOG! I promise I won’t leave you again.

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  1. such a cute story! and nemo is an adorable name :)