Tuesday, September 3, 2013

cloth diapering


Aside from freaking out like a new mom hoping to be the perfect mother of a lifetime, I’ve decided to add cloth diapering to things to freak out about. My first set of cloth diapering system arrived and Trina and I’ve been practicing over and over again on her stuffed animals.

After months of strenuous research, I decided to go with OsoCozy’s Unbleached prefolds with Thirsties Diaper Covers. I am also going to add in some BumGenius’s AIO for Ariel and family members to use since they are much easier to use with the inserts being sewn in but my main stash will be prefolds. I didn’t realize there would be more than one ways to fold prefolds so it was fun to try all of them out. For now I think I’m comfortable with the newspaper and the jelly fold. I am however concerned about how his little bum would feel with uneven folds of it all so I’m thinking about adding microfiber inserts as well. He’s going to have a bulky little diaper bottom, oh yes he will.

As instructed I’ve washed the pre-folds about half a dozen times (along with things that needed to be washed so don’t worry go-greeners, I wasn’t wasting any precious resource) and now they’re packed away ready to catch some pee&poo in two months!

I will be blogging about the tears and joys of cloth diapering so stay tuned!

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