Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day.

Our teeny grill Condiments, duh!My favorite burgercarne asada
Because the Heats vs. Pacers game was yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day at home with BBQ! It was sort of funny though because the men (Ariel and Thomas—my brother-in-law) did all the cooking! I was able to enjoy the fresh air in the backyard while watching (and comfortably seated, of course) Ariel work the grill while the kids threw some balls around.

_MG_9704_MG_9689  This might piss off some people but I promise we’re not abusing public property or “having fun” while purposely damaging this tree. We have a few trees in our backyard and one huuuuge tree. This one branch in particular was hanging low and the kids didn’t have a clear path to throw the ball so Ariel solved that problem by breaking it off. The kids had a good giggle at seeing their strong Dad/Uncle struggling to break off the branch though. We do hope that they didn’t take this as an example of some extracurricular activity…

I came across this idea on pinterest but made it my own by attaching a note on each bottle with all the reasons why Trina thought her Daddy is the best Daddy in the world. This was a must-do gift because root beer is his favorite soda and a Bevmo! had just opened up nearby my home. I was able to gather everything before the whole Wednesday ER visit and slowly finished putting together the gift throughout the rest of the week. He already finished three bottles out of the thirteen we bought (one is obviously not shown in the photo) and I was surprised to learn that each root beer had its own distinct taste. I’m wondering if there is a professional root beer connoisseur? Anyways, although I prefer every other soda but root beer, I did enjoy some fizzy root beer float!  :D

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