Monday, August 19, 2013

28 weeks – third trimester!

28 weeks 
nesting phase
waddle master
craving everything within sight
obsessed with organizing
only fits loose fitting dresses &
lives in workout gear
no stretch marks [yay!]
outgrew all bras

I’m eating more than ever, weigh more than ever, and am organizing more than ever. I practically live in my workout gear when I’m at home and can be found in loose fitting dresses when I’m out and about. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes because I’m a cheap-skate and am thankful for my taste in loose fitting clothes pre-pregnancy. I’ve been organizing just about everything I can think of from Trina’s school-day schedules & soccer day schedules, chores, and budgeting. This house has never been so clean for as long as it has because along with pregnancy’s nesting phase came OCD. I think my nesting phase/OCD has also rubbed off on Ariel because the poor man has been working twice as hard around the house with projects of his own. Even though I’m getting heavier and heavier, I find myself more and more energized with some to spare at the end of the day so I’m still having a bit of a trouble falling asleep. I have been banned from the bedroom during day time hours to prevent me from sneaking in naps so I’ve turned the entertainment dining area into my own little office. This is the only room that hasn’t been affected by my nesting phase/OCD but it just might soon…

My guilty pleasure at the moment? I like to enjoy a cup of coffee every so often.

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