Friday, August 23, 2013

A wreck.

 The Arellanos [the Arellanos]
Me: “Hey, you know something?'” 
Him: What?”
Me: I was such a wreck in the beginning of our relationship.” 
Him: Yeah you were.” [he replies playfully] 
Me: “I’m serious. How did you ever manage to fall in love with me? Weren’t you scared of what you were getting yourself into?” 
Him: The way I see it, I was a wreck without you and you were a wreck without me.”

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  1. Love that! What a sweet man. I feel that same way sometimes. When I met Logan, I was a mess! My life was in shambles. Some days I couldn't figure out why he wanted to be with me. Yet he stood by me through all my mayhem, determined that we were meant to be together. Gotta love men who love their women!