Saturday, July 13, 2013

Free Summer Fun: Blanket Fort!

I’ve been really focused on free summer fun for the kids partially due to a trip we booked for 3 weeks and 1 day from today (YES! I’m keeping track!). It’s actually a wedding anniversary trip but we decided to bring the kids along this year and looking at it now, the trip is more for them than it is for us. More on this later though!

Anyways, FREE SUMMER FUN! I’ve been really digging into my creative side to come up with something both kids would enjoy. I made a list of a few things and wrote each down on a piece of a paper then put them in a paper bag. Little O got to pick our first activity and he picked “Movie in a Blanket Fort!”

movie in a blanket fort 

At first I didn’t know how the fort would look but I wanted it to be awesome. Although setting up a few chairs around to throw a blanket over would have worked, I wanted this fort to be something the kids would REALLY like. I tend to over-do things a little (it’s why I stress over birthdays and holidays because of the gifts!) and everything had to be perfect. At first I planned on using the family room as a place for our fort (I would have actually preferred the backyard but the deck is being worked on right now) but I decided that Trina’s room would be better. That way they could sleep in it as well! It took me just a little over two hours to complete this but I’m sure I could have finished it a lot sooner without the extra weight of pregnancy. Climbing up and down on chairs, reaching towards the ceiling, tacking blankets just right on the walls, and just going with the flow without a blueprint (yes, I said blueprint!) really made this work a lot longer than it should have been.

O and T playing on the DS

I wanted to take this down today so getting ready for church tomorrow would be a breeze but the kids asked that it be up for just one more day! That’s how much they’re enjoying this! Victorrrrrrry!!

I just hope that they enjoy the rest of the activities as much as they’re enjoying this…

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