Friday, July 12, 2013

Cooling off.

T and O at the WaterparkLittle OT  
I once heard someone say that Washington State has the best summer in the world. It’s difficult for someone who grew up in the state to agree without being biased but I can tell you that mid 80 degrees weather is pretty darn perfect here. It was a hot (mid 80s is hot for us!), bright day and I couldn’t have the kids cooped up in the house. We had a few things planned but it consisted of me requiring to join them in the pool—my nephew being young requires an adult supervision within arms reach at all times. With an awesome weather like this, a pool packed with kids was inevitable and I don’t feel so comfortable being near excited kids with my big belly. So~ with no one else available to play adult-within-arms-reach, a visit to an actual water park was out of the question. Instead we went to splash at an open water park near my Step Mom’s house. It wasn’t the best but it sure beat running through the sprinkler in the backyard!
T & O

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