Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Saturday BBQ

A true Pacific Northwesterner takes advantage of a nice, sunny weather because we don’t get it that often here. Heck, I’m sure everybody in the world goes crazy over nice weather but we like to celebrate it like a holiday.

Ariel was released early from work Saturday and we decided that the weather was too nice to have two hyperactive kids in the house. An idea of taking the kids out to the park led to the idea of BBQ-ing so off we went!

our mini grill Ariel letting the food digest  Our baseball gloves Discussing their play. Trina trying to get a goal Trina about to catch the football Ariel trying to tackle Orlando down for the football Trina assisting Orlando with his play

Besides about half an hour of eating, Ariel and the kids played till their heart’s content for a little over four hours! I got tired just watching them play but it was fun nonetheless. We couldn’t believe we had been at the park for that long but that’s how much fun we all had.

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