Friday, May 31, 2013

what I’ve been reading: “Why Can’t I Be You” by Allie Larkin

"Why Can't I Be You" by Allie Larkin 
Why Can’t I Be You by Allie Larkin has an average rating of 4.04 on Goodreads.

The story starts off when the main character, Jenny Shaw, gets mistaken for another woman by the name of Jessie Morgan in a hotel lobby. She pretty much takes the opportunity to become this Jessie Morgan who she looks ridiculously similar to out of either curiosity, being too nice to break this woman’s heart who has shown extreme level of joy in seeing “Jessie”, or because she was tired of her life and wanted a break from being herself. That’s what I gathered from this book at least…

I felt a sort of connection with Jenny due to the relation she has with her Mother and gained a better understanding of myself that I hadn’t before.  She was however a little frustrating to relate to at times but it was difficult to hate her.

I gave this book three stars (more like a 3.5 but not worthy of a full 4) because although I enjoyed it, it didn’t capture me. I found it a task to finish this book and had been reading it on and off for three weeks. It was an easy read which flowed nicely but the ending was expected; a little “meh” if you will.

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