Sunday, June 9, 2013


Nearly everything that my family do is out of spontaneity. We rarely plan an activity because we rarely follow through with it. So like every other thing-of-the-day, we woke up yesterday morning and said “hey, we should go pick strawberries!”. It has been on our to-do list for this month so I guess it’s not really spontaneous…

Anyways, self pick at the farm we went to don’t start until next weekend but we did get a box of strawberries for just $12! This was my first time buying local strawberries and I don’t know if it’s because I was so giddy about how cheap it was but they tasted sooooooo much better than store bought ones. We haven’t done anything with them yet (except stuff our faces with them) but I’m planning on making my own strawberry jam! I’ve been into DIY/homemade stuff lately that I’m beginning to feel like my age. I guess it’s a good thing because I was beginning to wonder when I’ll feel like a “grown-up” or like how my parents are. You know, actually enjoying housework/handiwork/decorating/making-your-own-bread-kind-of-thing instead of slapping down a few bucks on the counter at the grocery store. I even plan on making my own eco-friendly weed killer, yo. That’s right.

Trina admiring the prettiest strawberry of the bunch... ...before gulfing it down!
The kidney/tomato/pumpkin/butt shaped strawberry... 
...that I gave Ariel. ;) Giving the strawberries a good rinse in the backyard.

I can’t wait until next weekend and yes, that kidney/tomato/pumpkin/butt shaped strawberry tasted delicious!

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