Monday, March 4, 2013

November 11, 2013

Excuse my illegible handwriting, but it says "Hello Everyone! My Husband and I'm  expecting our Second Child! I'm Pregnant!!"

That's right folks, after nine years I am pregnant with my second! I haven't fully spread this wonderful news to the full extent but I have made quite a progress! First it was announcing it to my parents and in-laws -- after sharing the awesome news with the Mister and soon-to-be older sister the little Miss. Then came my sister, few friends, and a spontaneous post on Instagram. I'm still waiting for my Husband to notify his Mother in Japan before I post the news on Facebook! Ha! It's sort of pitiful to think of my "full extent" as Facebook but honestly, what else is there?

I've already begun refreshing my knowledge in prenatal care and what to expect during pregnancy as well as obsessively searching for a baby name. The Mister and I've already decided on not settling on a name until the baby is born but it's okay to be prepared, right?

So, if you've caught on already, bravo! If not, have you noticed the title of this entry? November 11, 2013 is the estimated due date of this little apple-seed in my uterus. What? Apple seed? I'm 4 weeks pregnant and this little person growing in my uterus is the size of an apple-seed so until he/she grows into the size of a Grapefruit, he/she is referred to as an apple seed.

It's time I rest. I haven't done much all day but this body is cooking up an awesome being and I'm feeling a little worn. Oh the wonderful joy of being pregnant! Being able to nap because you know, it's hard stuff.


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