Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas at the Arellano’s

//Leo did not like the camera//

Merry late Christmas everyone! I hope your holiday was jolly. Christmas here at my house was full of joy, smiles, and lots of wrapping papers. So. Much. Wrapping papers.

Fall and winter has just whizzed on by here at the Arellano’s. I like to savor the winter holidays but it’s gone by so fast! I guess it’s what happens when you’re raising a new baby. :)

//Orlando making wrapping paper angels//

//i’ve been eyeing a Keurig since my visit to VA two summers ago & now I have one!//

_MG_6356//Ariel has this newer coat and the original vintage coat exactly like this. needless to say, he loves Seattle Sonics!//

//first time seeing Trina actually speechless over a gift! It’s a telescope. Ariel and I love bringing out the geek in her. :)//

//see this mess? that’s with my somebody picking up after them.//



  1. Hah your family is just too cute! Glad you had a blessed Christmas with the family. :)

    1. Thank you Kara! I hope your holidays was splendid!