Thursday, September 5, 2013

The words I live by


“You don’t have to like everyone but you can be civil” –Fe Young (my sister-in-law). Before I was able to heal and find peace in my life, I was a complete b*tch. I think I was actually purposely looking for a fight at every chance because looking back now, I was incredibly rude, proud, and self-centered. I think my sister-in-law saw this in me and in her patient, older-sister way, she said these words that I still live by today. Whenever I find myself annoyed or angry at someone, I repeat this to myself! It has sort of become a daily mantra.

“Your family will see her value through you.” –my Step-Mother to Ariel. When Ariel and I first started dating, it wasn’t difficult to see that his parents would have a hard time accepting me. I was after all, a single mother. Not that they ever disliked me or anything but they love me now. I’m sure they also enjoyed watching their once wild son become more “domestic” (his mother’s word, not mine). :)

“The real winner isn’t the one crossing the finish line. The real winner is the one that kept going even after he crossed it.” –my Dad. Now don’t take this literally because he doesn’t mean for the runner to keep running after crossing that line.

“The five people you keep close will define how far you go in life.” –Will Smith. I read this from Tyrese’s book How to Get Out of Your Own Way. When I read that quote, I looked at the many people I kept close and realized I didn’t have a lot of positive influences around me. So slowly but surely, I began to distance myself from anyone who I felt I was better without and trust me, it’s a world of a difference. I also feel like the people you keep close defines who you are and these people I can count without using all five of my fingers on just one hand.

“It’s better to be the last one to laugh than to not have laughed at all.” –from me to my daughter. Kind of speaks for itself, no?

and last, but not least!


Dr. Seuss is one of the wisest man I know.


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  1. You don't have to like everyone but you can be civil--there are definitely people in my life that I deal with in exactly that way. I may not enjoy them, but I don't have to turn every time I'm with them into an unpleasant experience for everyone involved! I can smile and be polite, and they can't take my politeness skills away!

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