Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two Generations.

Trina has recently shown interest in baseball after hitting balls around with her cousin and his parents. She has never swung a bat once in her life prior to this but did surprisingly well! She enjoyed it so much that she even asked if she could play baseball after soccer season was over to which Ariel and I agreed to. We already had a few old baseball bats so all we needed were baseball gloves. I was looking around for recommended gloves when I remembered seeing one of my old baseball gloves in my Dad’s garage so~

Playing catch with Daddy Playing catch with DaddyPlaying catch with Daddy

I asked if I could have them. :)The glove that Ariel is using here is a vintage Mizuno GOC-7 that my Dad used as a young man. I remember my Dad playing catch with me using this glove when I was Trina’s age. My Dad’s work eventually took over his free time so he no longer had  the time or energy to play physically demanding sports and because of this, the gloves are still in great condition. It’s currently in between the mattress of my bed being broken in.

Playing catch with Trina     Playing catch with TrinaPlaying catch with Trina

It definitely warmed my heart to see the gloves being used to play catch between Father and Daughter the way my Dad and I once had, and I was happy to see that Trina is much better at catching the ball than I ever was.

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