Tuesday, May 21, 2013

perks of being pregnant

Aside from the joys and expectancy of bringing a beautiful little person into your family, there are other perks too! Of course, there are the not-so-greats to pregnancy but it's better to focus on the brighter things, right?

So here’s are MY favorite things about being pregnant!

+ having random food requests delivered no matter the time of day or night… or creak of dawn…

+ not having to worry about weight gains but focusing on a healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy. This is a toughy for me because my appetite has diminished due to morning sickness during my first trimester. I’ve only JUST reached second so I’m doing my best to gain a healthy amount of weight before my next check-up!

+ I miss going to the gym sooooo much with my Husband. It was kind of our daily thing but with my lack of energy, I’ve become a waste of space at the gym. With that said, I miss weight lifting but love being banned from heavy lifting.

+ new dresses! I don’t have to explain this any further, right ladies?

+ my new super-hero-power-like ability to smell everything. Grocery shopping has become immensely fun (bakery aisle anyone?) and that much more dangerous due to this super-hero power.

+ being able to take a nap without an excuse because you know, I have a reason!

+ being able to be picky about what I eat without being seemingly rude.

+ the forced habit to be (and keep) healthy! The change of diet is a huge one. I’ve been eating an increased amount of fruits since I became pregnant. I’ve also been limiting my artificial sugar intake (sodas for example).

+ the extra attention from Ariel. I’ve always been showered with his love and affection but we’re both a bit of an independent type. We don’t really like to douse each other with attention every minute of every day but I’ve come to realize that I’m actually a sucker for the extra (extra, extra) care and affection.

+ seeing the joy, curiosity, and wonder of my Daughter; the soon to be older sister. I love her weekly questions of “Which fruit is the baby the size of now?” and “What’s new about the baby this week?”. She is so prepared for this new baby that she has also started working on a lullaby!!

So here it is folks! Do you have any  that you’d like to share? If you’re pregnant that is… or have been pregnant of course!

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