Sunday, February 15, 2015

b&w challenge one.

Photography has always been an outlet of mine. From disposables, polaroids, point-and-shoots, SLRs to DSLRs, I have always enjoyed photography. But it wasn’t until recent that I have took it more seriously and have decided to start from scratch. To hone my skill by starting all over from the beginning. In order to do that, I have decided to focus on shooting nothing but b&w photos for the next month. A challenge, if you will. :) I don’t shoot much in b&w and only convert my photos if the colors frustrate me so this is going to be quite the challenge. I guess you can say I lack the artistic eye to see past the colors to bring out the focus of details…? I don’t know. But I am hoping that by the end of this month long challenge, I will come out a better photographer.

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