Saturday, December 7, 2013

one month postpartum

Honestly? I kind of miss being pregnant. I miss the moments that I got to share with Leo alone but I wouldn’t trade that for the moments I get to hold him in my arms now. I guess you can say I’m kind of jealous that I have to share him with everyone else now but that just sounds downright dumb, doesn’t it?

I haven’t hit postpartum depression and it’s a little surprising because I went down that road pretty hard with Trina. Maybe the support system I had then (which was nil) compared to the support system I have now (which is huge) plays a major factor. I don’t know, but I’m just grateful that I may have slipped through the web of postpartum depression this time around. /knocksonwood

I think I may have fully and completely recovered now. My 6-week appt isn’t until next week but I have a pretty good feeling that I’ll be given the green light to do whatever I wish. Like running for example. I miss running so. Much.

Leo recently hit a growth spurt which drove me a little crazy for about three days. I nurse him on demand and he demanded to be nursed pretty much every hour. I’ve been having trouble with producing milk (I breastfeed) so it was pretty difficult and frustrating for the both of us. I was recently recommended an herbal vitamin and I’m waiting for it to ship in soon. I’m crossing fingers that it’ll help because I don’t want to supplement with formula –it just wasn’t part of the plan and I hate it because of that.

Trina is a natural when it comes to being an older sister. She adores her little brother and loves to hold him. She never forgets to say hello to him in the mornings and g’nite to him in the evenings. She’s slowly learning how to do certain things like dressing him, feeding him, and changing his diapers and it’s great having an extra help around! She talks to him like they’ve known each other forever instead of those goo-goos and ga-gas and most people consider a “baby language”. She’s still concerned about me and tries to be the best help she can be so that I can take a nap (which is heavenly when I allow myself one!) or a stress-free shower. I’ve gone without washing my hair for four days straight once because I stress that Leo might be crying or would need to nurse. I’ve never done that before and Trina once called me out and said that my hair needed to be washed because you know, it smelled. /sadface I thought it still smelled like shampoo but whatever.

Cloth diapering. I don’t know why I stressed so much before because it’s super easy and actually kind of fun. I’ve been using mainly pre-folds saving the pocket diapers for Ariel to use. I’ve been slowly working on my pocket diaper stash and have fourteen of them so far! I like that I don’t have to worry about running out of diapers and/or wipes and love that Leo hasn’t had a major blowout accident yet. If you’re currently a mom or a veteran mom, you know what I’m talking about when I say “blowout accident”. We haven’t had any of those accidents yet because cloth diapers really, seriously keeps all of that in! /knocksonwoodagain

Leo at 3-weeks

I’m probably just really attached to Leo or maybe I’m just an overly protective mom but I haven’t been able to stay away from Leo for too long. I’ve also been very iffy about having visitors over because I’m afraid that Leo might contract something. Plus we’ve had a measles outbreak recently in a nearby city from an infant who went overseas and was too young to get vaccinated for measles. I want to safely tuck Leo away in a bubble until he gets all of his vaccinations. I know that there might be ladies that are against vaccinations reading this but I vaccinate my children. If you’re against my choice , please keep it to yourself and enjoy your stay.

Leo's belly time with Ariel

Happy one month Little Lion. I love you so, so much squirt. :)

P.S. Leo grunts when he poops and it’s so, so, sooooo cute!

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