Saturday, November 23, 2013

my little lion.

My Little Lion, Leonardo, was born on November 7, 2013 at 7:13 AM. My labor was approximately three and a half hours long but I only pushed for eight minutes of it. I’m very proud to say I didn’t curse at my Husband and have given birth naturally for the second time. I even broke out into laughter mid-push and apologized to the nurse assisting me for seeming like a crazy lady. I high-fived the doctor that delivered Leo and thanked every hospital staff incessantly. I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night or the night after. Heck, I average about three to five hours of sleep nowadays but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve been peed on, projectile pooped on, and puked on within the first week of having Leo home.

The moment I heard his cry was the moment I became a mother all over again. A family of three has become four and everything revolves around this little boy. Trying to juggle being a mother to two is something I’m still trying to master and I’m blessed to have my Husband by my side to help me through this process. I don’t think I could have survived the past two weeks without him. The transition of adding the care of another little person has been surprisingly smooth with the help of Ariel.
Thank you, Merman.


It took Leo and I a while to get to know and understand each other. I’m still getting used to reading his cues for specific needs and wants. He is overall an incredibly easy child only crying for milk and a gassy tummy. He likes to sneeze and let out a long sigh afterwards as if it was the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do. He tends to stare out into distance as if he was deep in thought and has the most delightful squeal of laughter.

salad by Ariel.

For the first week I’ve had my breakfast, lunch, and dinner served to me in bed. My Step Mom has worked incredibly hard to make hearty soups for me to drink so that I may regain my strength and health back as soon as possible. The support system I have is beyond amazing that I feel incredibly blessed and forever grateful for everyone. It makes me appreciate and marvel all the mothers doing it all on their own. Bravo to you ladies out there.

_MG_5226what started out as a tummy time turned into Leo crawling all over Ariel

I have almost five more years of parental experience than Ariel but he’s far better at this than I am. The way he balances his duties as a father, husband, and my support system is amazing and admirable. The way he connects with Leo is something I am a little envious of because unlike the needs Leo has of me as his nurturer, Ariel has quickly become a lifelong friend with Leo.


My No.1 has been incredibly helpful with Leo. The look in her eyes as she adores her little brother is a testimony to the unspoken bond that has tied these two together forever. She never forgets to say good morning and good night and will never leave for school without giving Leo a kiss g’bye. She’s the extra pair of hands that comes to the rescue when I’m juggling more than the most prestigious clown could ever handle.


Thanks Mom, for everything. Thank you for being by my side when Leo was born and thank you for mothering me back to health afterwards. Thank you for the endless hours of sleepless nights for the soups you’ve poured your love into to help me regain my strength. Thank you for being the maternal figure in my life that I can look up to, learn from, and have always needed. Thank you, for loving me as you would your own child and so much more.


When Ariel and I was thinking of a godparent for Leo, we both agreed that the best person was Misun –one of Ariel’s closest friend. Actually, I had thought of her from the very beginning of my pregnancy and when Ariel mentioned her as someone to ask, I told him to “get out of my head”.

Thanks Misun, for accepting to be Leo’s Godmother! We really couldn’t have come up with anyone better to ask and we are honored and grateful that you said yes. :) Thank you also for working so hard on Leo’s blanket! Also thank you, for making the long drive and going through hurdles of checkpoints to visit us at the military based hospital.



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