Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Baby Boy.

Love this verse.  This would be perfect in a baby keepsake album

You are a lucky one.

You have a Dad that will teach you great things. He is an honest man that will teach you the importance of honor and respect. From him you will learn to guard yourself and to be calculative in the decisions you will face in life. He will teach you to be diligent and to give all and a little more in everything you do. You will learn to be humble and to let your actions speak for your character and through his examples you will learn to lead and never follow; to stand out and never blend; to be yourself and always proud.

You are a lucky one.

You have a Sister with a talent to put a spark of laughter and life in everything she does. From her you will learn to see the brighter things in life and the beauty of everything and everyone. You will learn to love all creations of God and to treat them all with equal love. You will learn to be just and fair; to be charitable without expecting to be rewarded; to stand up for what you believe is right. She’s a little sensitive at times but through that you will learn to be thoughtful in your actions.

I am not a perfect mom.

But I can teach you to try and understand everything and everyone that surrounds you. I can teach you to never depend on the world but only yourself for the things you want in life. I can teach you to survive the trials in life and to find strength when you’re weary. I can also teach you the importance of punctuality and the importance of the way you represent us, your parents. I am a little quick to anger with a short fuse to disobedience but you will learn that I have very little but nonetheless important rules.

You are a lucky one.

You have a family who appreciates everything little and big; nothing to all. We will teach you to find adventure in everything you do and to experience life to the fullest. You will learn to value and be grateful for everything that is provided to you by God and by us. You will be born into a family who has already walked through the murky waters of tribulation and have succeeded through. But we are still a young family that still needs to be polished in many areas of life and we welcome you wholeheartedly to join us in the many adventures to come. We’re already in love with you with love greater than that of the universe combined. We can’t wait to meet you.

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