Friday, August 30, 2013

just a little happy me

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and tis true.

My church does this thing where members of the church submit photos to be printed for following week’s bulletin filler. The thought of having a photo of mine seen by hundreds of church attendants was appealing but I always shied away from the idea. I mean it’s not like they’re asking for any professional photos but me? Why mine?

Last week after church I was looking through some photos with just an “interest” in mind. As I was looking through all the photos, I thought “wow, I’m not that bad.” Having had no lesson in photography what-so-ever besides hours of experiments and reading, I was pretty impressed with my level of skill (still extremely noob but far better than I give myself credit for). I ended up picking out half a dozen photos of Trina and emailed them over to the person in charge of bulletin fillers and [insert heavenly tune here], one of my photos got picked. I don’t know which one, but I’m excited!

Little things like these will get me happy and I won’t get over this tiny bit of good news until probably next week.

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  1. How neat! You'll have to share the bulletin when it's printed.


    1. I was sooooo looking forward to seeing my photo but it wasn't printed this week.. I felt a little disheartened but we'll see next week! *crossing fingers