Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our fluffy pals.

This entire week in the sweet Pacific Northwest was incredibly beautiful! With weathers averaging at 75 degrees and up, it screamed the names of all PNW residents to come out to play. Whenever it gets sunny I'm lured into digging out my camera equipment to take random shots in my backyard. Because it's a huge mess, which is obvious by the weeds in the grass, I don't have much to take photos of so I brought the dogs out and took advantage of their joy.

This little white fluff of joy is Rosie. She was given to me as a wedding gift and my very first pet furry friend. She barks at everything and prefers ladies over gents. She'll chew up all of your child(ren)'s stuffed animals and act as if she did nothing wrong. But she is my little huntress and bravely protects me from moths and pesky crane flies. 

This dog here doesn't realize that he's an animal and hasn't known this the entire 17 years of his life. That's right folks, Tiger here is 17 human years! HUMAN YEARS! That's 119 years in dog years, yo. Besides that hump he's got going you wouldn't be able to tell that he was so old --also the fact that you need to shout his name to get his attention-- because he still has energy of a pup.

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