Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Obnoxious (Pregnant) Women

I think this is mainly for how I felt last month at the OBGYN located in Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

So as I sat there, waiting for my name to be called, a woman probably in the late months of 7 or 8 months was sipping from an extra large fast food cup. Now I don't want to assume that it was soda but it was brown-ish colored liquid. Plus it helped me be more understanding about the next situation so I'd like to believe so, unfortunately...

So anyways, as this lady is walking by, she lets out one of the most disgusting burp ever and me having super-hero sense of smell, I smelled it. Every last bit of her grossness. She didn't bother to say excuse me which bothered me a lot because you know, I'd like to think that manners are still important but whatever, she's pregnant so she gets a pass. Right?

WRONG! When was it ever okay for a person to throw out all of their manners out the door due to pregnancy?! I mean it's just a simple manner of saying "excuse me" or to burp under a cupped hand but gosh... Maybe I'm just irked by the fact that my hormones are all out of whack. I've become one hairy person ya know. 


  1. BAHHH!!!! That is awful! Especially with your super smell, and I am backing you up on the no passes! MANNERS OR TO THE GALLOWS!

    1. Manners or to the gallows!!!! Ha! I really like that!